Journa Tech Accessories and Travel Essentials

#getajourna and go all the way

Elevated tech and travel essentials for individuals en route

No matter where you are going or how you plan to get there, Journa is the destination for the tools you need to move forward. With our modern essentials for on-the-go lifestyles, you may wander but you will never be lost. Whether your journey is solely inward, takes you halfway around the world or just down the block from home, our mission is to support you along the path you’ve chosen.

Journa was founded by Phuong and Aja, two women who are serial entrepreneurs in the fashion and lifestyle space. American natives currently living in Berlin and Lisbon, these kindred spirits met in Europe and collaborated to create a line that was perfect for fellow expats, world travelers, digital nomads, urban dwellers and lives in motion.

Phuong graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and worked as a strategy consultant before deciding to leave the corporate world to launch a successful luxury backpack collection.

After working in finance then fashion and luxury, Aja received her MBA from Stanford University. Shortly after graduating, she moved to Europe with her life partner and started two personal growth platforms that reach hundreds of thousands of readers each month.